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October 2022
Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase - side meetings

Although I was not presenting my work at the show, I took my guitars with me, because I wanted to show them to some players and luthiers. The result of these meetings was great.

All about side meetings

Paul Asbell said, that the support of the acoustic sound by the very low impedance humbucker that I designed, was impressive. He liked as well the way the pickup is balanced for the bronze strings.

Kinloch Nelson spent several hours playing my guitars and what a playing it was. Marvelous. He was joined by fellow guitar maker and friend, Martin Keith. Martin is an active musician, playing bass, but obviously, the guitar is not unknown to him.

Steve Klein took the time to watch and evaluate my archtop guitars. What he said at the end was amazing: "I'm not a fan of archtops. Most of them don't appeal to me. But these guitars are different and they really speak to me." Wow! Can I use that statement - I've asked. "I am more than happy to give you that endorsement. These are sweet, successful guitars".

In the end, Paul Asbell  joined us and he was showing Steve how my new noiseless pickup supports the acoustic sound of my acoustic archtops. I am feeling grateful and happy!

As I was helping The Archtop Foundation at the booth and with logistics (heavy...) You can see as well some photos from this part of my activity there.

Paul Asbell and Steve Klein smiling.jpg
KT and Steve Klein.JPG
Martin Keith on Cindy.jpg
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