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About me

After 30 year long corporate career,  I decided to return to my lifelong love of fine musical instruments and devote all my energy  to building the finest possible  tools for guitar players - archtop guitars.

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After a long, individual study of Lutherie, I attended Galloup School of Lutherie, MI, USA. Bryan Galloup has organized an excellent school for guitar builders and technicians. He has selected superb teachers, and two of them, Matt Zalewski and Sam Guidry, were pivotal in my learning of guitar building. When graduating, I knew that I needed to learn more and search for additional knowledge at the top.


I learned from my heroes the best guitar luthiers that walk on the Earth today: Ken Parker, Linda Manzer, Michael Greenfield, and others. I have great respect for all of them. Especially Ken Parker, who shared with me lots of his time and knowledge and gave me the confidence to build. Now I design and build guitars by hand using the knowledge I have gathered from my teachers, enhancing it with unconventional technologies. 

The line of instruments I develop now takes everything that creates positive emotions related to the tradition but does not take it as a limitation. Those beautiful, woody instruments, are technologically advanced as physical structures and as sound generators. They are traditional at first glimpse, but under closer examination, one can find some titanium alloy here and carbon fiber reinforcement there. Those "novelties" are not there for the sake of modernity. They always serve the purpose: quality of sound generated and comfort of playing. Guitars are, in the end, tools for guitarists. Great tools help artists to make their art great.

On top of that, I am the father of Magdalena - an architect, and Michał - an aeronautical engineer. My partner Ewa and I love to travel long distances in a VAN and see the beautiful world together. Michał and I are pilots as well. Michał flies commercial jets, and I fly gliders. I am also a grandfather of two boys and, overall, a happy man.

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