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September 2022
Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival, Arvada, CO

My first guitar show in the USA as an exhibitor.

I will come back next year.

Delayed start

It was the second time I attended the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival. The first time was in 2019 when Peter Henriksen of Henriksen Amps organized the first-ever Archtop Festival. I was a spectator then, watching my guitar-builder heroes, and there was no plan to show my work there. I decided to be present with my guitars in 2020. Then the pandemic started. We had to wait until 2022 for the second Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival.

I have traveled to the USA with two guitars. Cindy and Oldie. Cindy is my personal instrument. Oldie was finished just a few hours before my flight from Warsaw, Poland, to Chicago. There was no time to organize shipping to Arvada on time. So I decided to take Amtrak from Chicago to Denver. Quite comfortable 18 hours. Then a local train stops within walking distance from the venue.

13 Jimmy Bruno.jpg

Jimmy Bruno:

Like harp. Perfect intonation!

It was a spectacular three days! I was all the time busy showing my guitars. No time to spare!

Frank Vignola: So much sound!

09 Frank Vignola.jpg

Charlie Hunter: Killer! Man!

10 Charlie Hunter.jpg

Paul Asbell: Familiar feeling!

07_1Paul Asbel.jpg

Ted Ludwig: I love this guitar!

15 Ted Ludwig.jpg

Michael Chapdelaine: Beautiful sound!

10_2Michael Chapdelaine.jpg

Pat Bergeson: They are great!

10_3Pat Bergesen with Bella 1.jpg

Ken Smith:

Some of the most provocative and captivating guitars I played!

24 Ken Smith.jpg

Jamey Arent:

What a beautiful guitar that sounded and played fantastically!

25 Jamey Arent.jpg

Doug Baumoel passionately played Pat Metheny tunes and some progressive rock stuff!

10_1Doug Baumoel.jpg

Please check my YouTube channel to see and hear some of these artists playing: 

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12 Ken Parker.jpg

My guitars were inspected by fellow guitar makers, too:

Ken Parker is inspecting what I have put inside the box.

Linda Manzer:

17 Linda Manzer.jpg

Bill Comins:

18 Bill Comins.jpg

I will come back next year.

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